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Introducing the MABEL'S Foundation

This year MABEL'S started the MABEL'S Foundation to help bring our community together and give back to the local Central Virginia area. We are so excited to be able to give back in a meaningful and thoughtful way. We donate 50% of our profits from the Foundation Crazyshakes to the corresponding organization for the month. We give back to 13 organizations through the profits of those shakes. Each month we pick a new organization to give back to and we a organization we donate to all year long. These organizations are very dear to our hearts and we hope our small contribution can help those around the country and those in our neighborhoods. The MABEL'S Foundation is about mentorship, volunteering and giving back to our community.

The Foundation also has two self-run awards that we give each year: One in our Women's Entrepreneur Grant. The MABELS Women's Entrepreneur Grant is a once a year grant awarded in March. Applications open October 1st. The grant is worth $500.00. The grant is available to any local female entrepreneur who has a business license. You must be 18 years old to apply for the grant. You can apply for the grant here:

Second is our Back to School Scholarship: The Back to School Scholarship is for any recent high school senior. The senior must be accepted into a trade program or school program (2 or 4 year school). Those interested must submit an application and 1,000 word essay on topic of the year. You can apply for the grant here:

The MABEL'S Foundation sponsors a variety of other opportunities to strengthen our communities and have a social impact. Welcome to our journey.

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