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Exceptional Food & Customer Service

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

With a new year, comes new changes! Did you see that MABELS is under new ownership? Our amazing founder sold the business and is now being operated by Denali and Brittney! They have two main focuses going into this year -

🌎Started in Powhatan, Growing in Powhatan #50in15

🏆 Focus on Exceptional Food and Customer Service

Today, we want to focus on exceptional customer service. Over the years MABELS has had it's ups and down in customer service. Especially in 2018 when our crazyshakes blew up and we simply were not able to train and grow our team fast enough. However, over the last 4 years - MABELS has been striving to reach exceptional customer service with each guest that walks in the door! Our focus on exceptional customer service is two part: first, to train our team - starting at 16 years old - to be able to give exceptional customer service and engage with all of our guests. Second, is by swiftly rectifying all and any customer service issues we may have while we grow. 💪

Giving exceptional customer service is a hard road - but we are ready for it. Our team is going through trainings over the coming months and being retaught how to give exceptional customer service. Come be apart of this journey with us ❤️ Check out our menu at

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