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What's Shakin'?

What’s Shakin?

Hi everyone! Welcome to the introduction of our new blog: The Shake! The Shake will highlight all the important news about our community as a way to bring us closer and create lasting memories through craft burgers and crazy milkshakes. We will focus on sharing stories of community members, giving updates on big events happening around us, and telling stories from our very own kitchen.

We have had a busy month here at Mabel’s, with a lot of new things in store for our customers in the months to come! The move to our new location at 1800 SouthCreek One has been awesome thanks to all of your support and excitement. We are thrilled to be able to have more space to serve the Powhatan and surrounding areas as well as the opportunity to bring burgers and crazy milkshakes to more people now than ever. New events are also in the works here at Mabel’s, from our just announced Santa’s SugarPlum Café to special events that will be announced soon (so stay tuned!). We will miss the Village of Powhatan, but are excited to share our mission here at Mabel’s with a wider range of customers and give more opportunities for development!

So, what should you expect when you come into Mabel’s? Delicious food is our number one priority and it will not disappoint. From doubling our portions to developing more crazy milkshake concoctions, the food at Mabel’s has truly taken to the next level. Our pleasant waitstaff is always here to serve you and help you have the best dining experience possible. We take pride in employing the youth of our community and we thank you for giving us the chance to teach and learn together while we provide our employees with the experiences and knowledge crucial for our future generations. We are always open to answering your questions and all of us at Mabel’s are excited for this new journey!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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