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Ownership Transition

We have a huge announcement today! 📣

Today we are proud to announce our founder and owner, Jennifer Roberts, has sold MABELS to Denali Roberts (currently our Chief Operations Officer) and Brittney Kirby (currently our Director of Development). We are excited to announce this transition after many years of mentorship, dedication, sacrifice and hard work on Jennifer's part. Jennifer started this company in January of 2012 and this month marks the 10 year mile stone. Denali and Brittney have been apart of this journey with Jennifer since the beginning. We can not express our gratitude to Jennifer for everything she has built and accomplished over the years. We want to thank Jennifer for everything she has given to MABELS and the sacrifice she and her family have made. We wish her luck and success in the next chapter of her life. ❤️

Denali and Brittney will continue to run MABELS with the focus staying on craft burgers, crazy shakes and catering. Denali and Brittney have a dream of opening 50 locations over the next 15 years across the United States. We are excited to begin this journey together and with our amazing customers and team. We want to thank Jennifer for her amazing support, dedication, mentorship and love over the years. Without Jennifer, we would not be here. As a very dear colleague has said "If you don't have a dream, how does a dream come true?" We are passionate about MABELS and our further expansion and growth. We are so excited to have everyone apart of this journey.

Thank you to all of the MABELS customers, family, friends, vendors and of most importantly our team. We would not be here without every single one of you. We can't wait to take everyone on this journey with us. ☺️

x Denali Roberts & Brittney Kirby

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