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Mabel’s | Home of the crazy milkshakes

POWHATAN, Va. (WWBT) - MABEL’s Espresso Cafe is a hidden gem tucked away in Powhatan, Virginia.

You have probably seen their crazy milkshake popping up on social media but Mabel’s is known for so much more that that. They are actually named and famous for their burgers!

“Our crazy milkshakes definitely bring them in but they keep coming back for the food,” said Brittney Kirby, co-general manager.

Specifically, the burgers! and the name Mabel’s is actually an acronym for:


Making Awesome Burgers Everyone Loves

“Our burgers are fresh, never frozen and pressed right in the kitchen,” said Khalil Raychouni, lead host.

Aside from the crazy milkshakes and awesome burgers, everyone at Mabel’s instantly greets you at the door with a friendly face and automatically giving off a small town, welcoming feel.

“Mabel’s is a hidden gem but even beyond that, Powhatan itself is, it’s small, it’s a different community,” said McKayla Roberts, milkshake designer.


The name Mabel’s just fits! The building, built in 1933 is settled in the small town of Powhatan near the courthouse.

“You have the regulars that come in all the time who want to come in just to see us,” Caleb Stettler, co-general manager.

Without a doubt if you are ever in or near Powhatan, definitely stop in for a crazy milkshake or burger, the staff at Mabel’s won’t miss a beat.

Side note: MABEL’s has 11 burgers and crazy milkshakes to choose from!



  1. Sweet & Salty

  2. Cloud Nine

  3. Cookie Licious

  4. Fruity Tootie

  5. Cookies 'n Cream

  6. Total Blackout

  7. Sprinkled Donut

  8. Mint to Be

  9. Unicorn

  10. Chocolate Peanut Butter Insanity

  11. Super Sour

See full menu HERE!

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