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It's Spooky Season here at MABEL'S 👻

It’s Spooky Time here at MABELS! You know what that means Our October Seasonal Crazyshakes are officially out! Which one are you going to try this year? These shakes are $14.99 each!

🧙‍♀️Witches Brew: Green Vanilla Shake Vanilla Frosted Rim Purple Sugar Sprinkles Witch Sugar Cookie Mint Ice cream Cone Cauldron of Tootsie Rolls 2 pocky sticks Whipped cream and chocolate drizzle

🍭Trick or Treat Orange Colored Vanilla Milkshake Vanilla Frosted Rim Candy Corn Full Size Candy Bar Halloween Oreos Mini Candies Whipped Cream sprinkles chocolate Drizzle

👻Ghosted: Vanilla Shake Vanilla Rim Booberry Cereal White Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Sandwich Mini White Chocolate Kit Kat Mini Hersheys Cookie and Cream Bar Whipped Cream Chocolate Drizzle White Sprinkles

🍁Fallin’ in Love Vanilla Shake Vanilla Rim Cinnamon Toast Crunch on Rim Caramel Apple Whipped Cream Caramel Apple Lollipop Caramel Drizzle

Come try these seasonal shakes today! These shakes are here all month!

We are open

Monday - Thursday 11am - 8pm

Friday - Saturday 11am - 9pm

Closed on Sundays

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