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Introducing the MABELS VIP Card program, where you can choose the perfect VIP Card that suits your preferences and unlocks fantastic perks and access at MABELS!


Here are the VIP Card options available:

1. **FREE Burgers for a YEAR ($500):** With this VIP Card, you'll enjoy a free signature burger once a week for one full year! Indulge in delicious burgers and save up to $800 over the course of the year.


2. **FREE Craft Milkshakes for a YEAR ($500):** Indulge your sweet tooth with a free craft milkshake once a week for one full year! Experience a variety of flavors and save up to $1000 with this VIP Card.


3. **FREE Fountain Drinks for Every Visit ($500 ):** This VIP Card entitles you to free fountain drinks for TWO years each time you visit MABELS. Perfect for staying refreshed and saving on beverage costs during your visits. Please note that this card is valid for one person per visit.


Each VIP Card comes with exclusive benefits and savings, giving you a VIP experience every time you visit MABELS.


To get your own SPECIAL VIP Card and unlock these amazing perks, make a donation of $500 and choose the VIP Card that suits you best. 

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