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Welcome to the team, friend! We are so excited to have you on our team here at MABELS! It is an exciting time to start at MABELS - so many fun and new things happening! Let’s get started with adding you to the team! Before we start - please make sure you read all the directions and information while going through your onboarding. 


Let’s get started: 


1.) We need to get you added into our accounts: 

    1.1) Please join our Slack team: at

    This is how we communicate with everyone.


    1.2) Please join Sling: at

    This is how we schedule everyone. Please go through and insert your unavailability. Your unavailability is school, sports, Bible study, weekly recurring events. Please     also take Time Off if needed. Time Off is for specific dates and times you need. You must include a reason on why you need Time Off. Please insert your schedule     into Sling, if possible, before your hands on training night. The Sling video is in your training on how to use the platform.


    1.3) Please join Connecteam:

    This is how we manage our task lists and day to day activities.


2.) We need to get to know each other better. You need to download the document below and fill out and submit to our portal. You will need to initial and sign our Company Handbook, fill out and sign your Employment Eligibility Verification Form through the Department of Homeland Security, and sign your Conditional Employee or Food Employee Reporting Agreement. 



4.) You should have received an email from Workforce online (by Intuit Quickbooks) to enter your W-4 and VA-4 tax information.  Please add yourself to our payroll system by submitting your information through our payroll system. If you have not received the email please check your junk mail or contact Denali Roberts or Brittney Kirby to check the status of your email. 


Quick Info: 


Your pay will be based on your position at MABELS. Our front of house team pay is $2.13 per hour +tips. We do tip share at MABELS to foster a team environment. Our base pay starts at $11 per hour. Kitchen team members start at $10 per hour while training and then are given raises based on experience and performance. I am  super excited to have you be apart of our team! I have attached the Online Training instruction sheet that explains how to get started on your online training. If you have questions during the your online training please let me know. If you need anything during your training just let us know! 

Training at MABELS is done in 2 parts:

1.) Online Onboarding: This onboarding is completed before you start working at MABELS.

Submit the form and file below. Once, you have added yourself into all the platforms, and completed your online onboarding we will add you to the team! :)  

Scheduling: Please make sure you insert your schedule into Sling before coming to your Hands On Training Night. This way we can stream line which days you can work and which days you can not. Please understand that TIME OFF is for doctors appointments, travel, birthdays, parties, events etc. Unavailability is your weekly availability. This schedule is school, job(s), sports practice, Bible study etc. If you do not understand how to use Sling please wait until your Hands On Training night to put it in. This way it can be done correctly!


2.) Hands-On Training: This training is done in person and you must complete before you can be scheduled. This training starts at 5pm and lasts until 9pm. During this training you will go over paperwork, tour the restaurant, and then start your hands on training.



Q.)  I am completing my training assessment and New Team Member Packet, and I have questions.  Whom do I contact if I have questions? 

A.) If you have any questions about your training assessment or New Team Member Packet, you need to email and we will answer your questions! 


Q.) What do I need to bring on my first day? 

A.) Please bring a reusable bottle (for water, tea, or soda), one form of ID and your schedule. 


Q.) What do I need to wear on my first day? 

A.) Please wear a black t-shirt that is free of any graphics, designs, tears or rips. It should be short-sleeved and modestly cut. Black or denim jeans with no rips or tears. Black, closed-toe, non-slip shoes. Black Tennis shoes are the best option. Your hair should be pulled back in a high ponytail or bun. 


Q.) What will it be like on my first day? 

A.) Your first day may vary depending on the season you are hired in; however, a few things will be the same. You will first go over all your paperwork and training questions with an owner/manager/. This time would be great to ask any questions you have. You will learn where everything is located and meet the team. You will then start your hands-on training. Depending on the season, you may jump right in with fellow team members. 


Q.) What should I do before my first day outside of my training? 

A.) Get acquainted with current team members via Slack. Another great thing to do is insert your time-off requests into Sling. You should also visit our menu and familiarize yourself with our food and shakes. Menu can be found here:

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